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Cereal Mascots: The reason we are so vain?

Remember when cereal mascots tricked the world’s parents into feeding their children sugary snacks causing the obesity problem in this country? I for one am still outraged by all this and believe me, if I see Sonny the Cuckoo Bird around I will most likely murder him for all his injustices. However, with all this sugary cereal outrage we have missed something (probably because we are all too fat to turn our heads from all the sugary cereal we ate as children). Have you noticed that the world has become vain and fixated on looks? Well who is to blame for that? The surgeons who perform the needless surgeries? No, they are just doing their jobs. Perhaps the magazines for all the skinny beautiful models they put on their covers? No, models just happen to be skinny and beautiful, that’s why they are models, duh. No, the real culprit for this entire vanity obsession is in fact the cereal mascots once again. I did a little research (emphasis on the little) and discovered a lot …