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Forgetful Jones…I forgot you existed…

I would have written something about one of my favourite Sesame Street characters earlier…but I forgot, hehehehehe!

Forgetful Jones will always have a special place in my heart. While he wasn’t the most popular character who lived on Sesame Street he did have a catch phrase that was prominent in my house growing up. My dad would always playfully say Fogetful’s “I forgot, hehehehe” whenever he would forget to do anything like bring his house keys, pick us up at soccer practice or pay that ransom those kidnappers wanted for our safe return….but who needs 10 fingers right DAD!


Below are two of my favorite Forgetful Jones skits, both which feature Kermit as a director frustrated with Forgetful’s forgetfulness. Ironically the only thing Forgetful could not forget was the horrible things Kermit made him do on the casting couch to get these rolls…

Door Entrance


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