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Memorable Hockey Players In Not-so Memorable Jerseys pt. 3: Early 2000s

Early 2000s/Pre-Lockout Era

In between the end of the ’90s and the 2004-2005 NHL Lockout, there was a period where teams spent money like it was going out of style. Multi-year big time free agent contracts led to a number of superstars changing teams, then being traded to other teams because they were making too much money, which ultimately led to the cancellation of an entire season in order for the NHL to “restore the competitive balance, create responsible spending, and instil financial accountability.” HAHAHAHA!

Sergei Fedorov

In My Mind: Detroit Red Wings

Remember When? Columbus Blue Jackets

After signing a mega million dollar contract to leave the Red Wings for the Mighty Ducks, Fedorov’s on ice performance started to decline. However, he was doing just fine off the ice while sharing Anna Kournikova with fellow countryman Pavel Bure. Oh ya, then he played for Columbus.

Tony Amonte

In My Mind: Chicago Blackhawks

Remember When? Phoenix Coyotes

Most people remember Jeremy Roenick (don’t worry, I’ll get to him) leaving the Blackhawks for the desert, but few realize his good friend Amonte did the same. God I hate everything about the Phoenix Coyotes franchise.

Paul Kariya/Teemu Selanne

In My Mind: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

Remember When? Colorado Avalanche

After a few years apart while Teemu swam with the Sharks in San Jose, this “Dynamic Duo” decided to re-unite in Colorado for a chance to play with Sakic, Roy and Forsberg in the hopes of bringing a 3rd Stanley Cup to Denver and a first for themselves. It didn’t really work out that way as both players had injury plagued seasons, which ultimately resulted in Selanne returning to Anaheim to get his Cup, while Kariya suffered various concussions and was never the same again. Moving on …

Doug Gilmour

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Buffalo Sabres

These next few (including Dougie pictured above) are heart breaking images of some of my favourite Leafs players of all time on random teams which some of you may not even remember they played for. I wish I could forget.

Wendel Clark

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Tampa Bay Lightning

This photo was actually taken at the 1998 All-Star Game where Clark was a member of the North American team. Again another amazing Tampa Bay Lightning jersey … there are lightning bolts on the sleeves!

Felix Potvin

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Los Angeles Kings

After Cujo rolled into town, Felix “The Cat” (dogs and cats? No wonder they couldn’t keep them both) became expendable. Here he is with a sweet shiny mask in Los Angeles.

Curtis Joseph

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Toronto Maple Leafs

See what I did there? Cujo came back to town in 2008 to backup starter Vesa Toskala (my how things had changed since his first stint). Here is Joseph recording his 450th career win against the future Winnipeg Jets.

Mats Sundin

In My Mind: Toronto Maple Leafs

Remember When? Vancouver Canucks

Sundin refused to waive his no-trade clause in order to help Toronto rebuild and possibly win a Stanley Cup with a contending team because he wanted to retire a Maple Leaf. Then he sat out the beginning of the next season, played some poker and signed with the Canucks. Remember that Swedish loyalty thing I mentioned earlier? And where careers go to die? Here’s a double whammy …

Markus Naslund

In My Mind: Vancouver Canucks

Remember When? New York Rangers

Naslund’s departure from Vancouver may have actually opened the door for Sundin when the Canucks’ long time Captain left for New York. He spent one mediocre season on Broadway (I know because I had him on my fantasy team) before heading back to Sweden for a year and then retiring from professional hockey for good.

Brian Leetch

In My Mind: New York Rangers

Remember When? Toronto Maple Leafs

I remember being so excited that we traded away all of our draft picks to acquire the former (and I emphasize the word former) Norris Trophy candidate for the 2004 playoff run. Then he got hurt, the Leafs got eliminated from the playoffs and Leetch left for Boston following the lockout. Luckily for the Leafs he didn’t look any better in a Bruins jersey either.

Ron Francis

In My Mind: Pittsburgh Penguins/Carolina Hurricanes

Remember When? Toronto Maple Leafs

“Ronnie Franchise” didn’t have much gas left in the tank after winning two Stanley Cups with the Penguins and taking the Hurricanes to the Cup Finals by eliminating the Leafs a few years prior to joining Leetch and Co. in 2004. Still, it was nice to have this class act on board for all of 12 games.

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