2000s, Music
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What would you do? – Who remembers City High?


Growing up, Wyclef Jean was my favorite artist. So, naturally being the obsessive type of person I am, I would listen to and buy any of his pet projects including one hit wonders City High. 2001 saw the debut of City High’s self-titled album with their hit What Would You Do?, a tale about a single mom having to strip in order to take care of her child.

The track blew up and even garnered them a Grammy nomination. Unfortunately for City High they didn’t have much success after this. They had a second single which didn’t perform as well and were featured n a few Wyclef tracks. Apparently the group was also quite incestuous. Claudette and Robbie were an item for a while, broke up, and then Claudette hooked up other bandmate Ryan. They got married but then divorced in 2007. As for Robbie, he recently appeared on the television series Intervention as an alcoholic. He’s apparently been to rehab successfully and is still working in music.

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