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Mario Paint

The game that sprung a generation of artists…or killed the art scene…I’m don’t really know but I bet Banksy had this game as a kid.

It’s was the sweet new SNES game that you play with a…wait for it…mouse and mouse pad!

This was the game that made me realize I had no talent whatsoever (that’s why I write this blog).

I couldn’t “paint” anything worth showing in this game…

When it came to “creating music” in the music generator I often resorted to recreating the songs that they already had in the game…


Unlike these people who were (and still are) much more talented than I am:

Mario Paint “Get Lucky” (Daft Punk Cover)


Nope, for me it was just sitting back and playing a few rounds of the fly-swatting mini game Gnat Attack. I loved the sound effects.


So thanks mom and dad for no doubt paying top dollar for a game “I had to have” and then played half-heatedly about 10 times after the first week I had it.

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