Month: August 2014

SCTV – How to make a funny home video

Really bizarre, but recently I was recycling some of my parents VHS collection and came across a real gem. While I went through hundreds of Mission Impossibles, Lethal Weapons, Men in Blacks, and the odd softcore pornography, I did find a treat from either the 80s or 90s that could be consider rare. It’s called How to Make a Funny Home Video, starring SCTV’s Count Floyd. The video was only 22 minutes in length and was a comedic look at a couple basic film-making techniques. It’s a very weird mix. It’s not funny enough to watch just for the comedy, and it’s not technical enough to watch for the instructional purpose. It kind of sits right in the middle of half-assed entertainment. But man, it brings back some nostalgia.

Re-Cut Trailers: Princess Bride re-cut as a horror

We here at The Nostalgia Blog are suckers for re-cut trailers. We are also suckers for candy! Did you bring us any candy? No? Okay, well, maybe next time. This is a re-cut trailer of the hilarious movie The Princess Bride which is now made out to be a horror movie. We’ve seen a bunch of re-cut trailers and eaten a bunch of candy over the years and sometimes you get a re-cut trailer or piece of candy that you aren’t in love with. I’m not over the moon about this trailer but I still enjoy it’s premiss so give it a watch. As for me, I’m off to get some candy.

Makeup Artist Turns Lips into Cartoon Characters

In a form of art (that is in no way shape or form making me the slightest bit confused to why it’s turning me on), makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has converted her lips into our favorite childhood cartoons! Now let us all enjoy this incredible makeup work and ignore the fact that these photos are making me realize that I may never get an erection again unless Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is involved…man…I got some issues to work out. Enjoy the pictures!

Biopic Actors vs. Real Life Inspirations

Here is a collection of photos, just like the one above (James Franco as James Dean) of the real life icons and the modern day actors who played them in movies. Photos courtesy of Robert Downey Charlie Chaplin Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe Gary Busey as Buddy Holly Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious