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I forgot to set my VCR: Simpsons Rock Bottom Retractions

“Hello Homer, This is God…frey Jones from the TV magazine show Rock Bottom

One of the funniest episodes of The Simpsons titled “Homer: Bad Man” also provided one of the funniest jokes that most of us never really saw (at least in it’s original airing).

For those who haven’t seen the episode, go F#*K yourself and watch it! It’s comedic gold!

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that, must be all the angel dust I snorted earlier. Anywho, while you should watch the episode even if you have dozens of times (yes, it’s that good), the basic synopsis is:

Homer was accused of sexually harassing a babysitter by grabbing her butt, when in reality, he was only grabbing a Gummi Venus de Milo that had gotten stuck to the back of her pants. When a protestors’ shantytown and a media circus formed at the Simpson house, Godfrey Jones called Homer and offered him a chance to explain his side of the story. Jones interviewed Homer, but the interview was heavily and poorly edited to make Homer look like more of a pervert and to convey the impression that Homer physically attacked Jones.  – Simpsons Wiki

Afterwards, it is proven that Homer was innocent and Rock Bottom was forced to retract that story as well as several other mistakes made over the years. The problem was, the retractions were so insanely fast that you could only catch one or two of them. That in itself is a pretty funny joke but unless you were able to set your VCR on repeat of the episode you probably have never seen the entire list. That’s where the internet is at it’s best, allowing us to laugh at Simpson’s episodes with fresh jokes 20+ years after airing.

Thanks to people like Kris King we can finally see the jokes from the episodes:

For the complete list in word form check out Simpsons Wiki.

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