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Time Out: Teens React to Saved by the Bell

First off, you did see correctly. That is in fact Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) taking part in this episode. I found it interesting when she asked why shows “don’t have intros like this anymore” considering Game of Thrones has one of the longest and most epic intros ever. Maybe she’s upset by it’s lack of floating hamburgers and surfboards (we all are Maisie, maybe next season they’ll add it)

Anywho, I was excited to see off the bat how many of these teens actually recognized the show and were even excited about it. A great moment early in is when the kid in the peacock shirt says “in 10 years from now they say, that fool looks like an idiot” (in reference to his own clothing). Well kid, I got some good news for you, they are probably saying that about you now.

Anyway, I could go on and on because I love Saved by the Bell, but I will let you enjoy the video as this is one of the better episodes (in my opinion) of Teens React. For now, I’m off to get my friend Jessie hooked on speed pills. Yes, I said hooked ON speed pills. She’s gotta show at The Max tonight and she better bring her A-Game! Enjoy.

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