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Blurp Balls…They make you want to Blurp!

Here is another weird toy from the 90s….Blurp Balls. These toys first produced in 1991 were considered knock offs of the very popular MadBalls. Blurp Balls had six different characters: Boney Tossteeth, T-Retch, Count Have-A-Heart, Spittooey Sooey, Biff Barfball, Sharkey Skullsquert, Retch-A-Rat Tomcat, and Croakey Bugchuck. Unlike MadBalls which were a tennis sized rubber ball character, Blurp Balls were a character that would spit or blurp out a small ball of it’s own…..the toy sucked and didn’t last long on the market.

Goldeneye – Nostalgia at its Finest

Nintendo 64 will always have a soft spot in my nostalgic heart. While I was never allowed a very game console as a kid (my mom thought it would make me fat…jokes on her, I was fat anyways), I would spend many hours of my youth playing this glorious gaming system at my friends place. Amongst the usual games, WCW/NWO Revenge, Excitebike 64 and Battletank, we had the old stand-by Goldeneye. This game was the go-to 9 out of 10 times. Our good friends at The Credible Hulk recently did an awesome job recapping this classic. We strongly recommend you check it out: Goldeneye – Nostalgia at its Finest.

TV inspired snacks from the 1990’s

It’s called cross-marketing…Taking a popular character or TV show and using it’s celebrity to sell other products. Most of these products are targeted towards kids. This type of cross-marketing really started in the 80’s, exploded in the 90’s and still continues today. Take fruity peddles for example… And yes, John Cena is also on the box… Many of you may remember some of the classic 90’s snacks,  while others I’m sure have buried away the memory of these awfully unhealthy treats. Either way, here is a look at some of those processed foods that you had your mom purchase because it was endorsed by a cartoon character. -YOGI BEAR CAPRI SUN -EAT MY SHORTS SNACKS -THE FLINTSTONES SODA -GARFIELD AND FRIENDS FRUIT SNACKS -CHIP N’ DALE RESCUE RANGERS FUDGE BARS -THE FLINTSTONES PUSH-UPS -LIFE WITH LOUIE PASTA