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Coca Cola sings to the Blue Jays

Tomorrow, the Toronto Blue Jays start their post-season against the Texas Rangers. And for the first time since 1993….the team is actually good. Toronto has always been a hotspot for sports, but sadly hasn’t had a winning team (in any sport minus Canadian football) since the Jays won back-to-back World Series in 92/93. To celebrate the teams World Series victory of the 90s, Coca Cola ran television advertisements where they sang a song about Toronto’s winners… Cleverly, Coke has rehashed their nostalgic tune for the 2015 Jays who just might go all the way. And even if they don’t, we are “proud of our Blue Jays.”

A look at the internet…from 20 years ago

It’s sometimes bizarre to look back and try to remember what your life was like before social media, iphones and the internet. If I really press my brain hard enough I remember a time when the internet was viewed as a “pie-in-the-sky” and just started to pick up some momentum. According to this CBC news piece, all you needed was a computer and a phone and suddenly you were apart of a new mesh of people, programs, archives and ideas. Here you can search and talk about art, music, sex, guitar construction, conservative politics and grief. At least they realized back then that the internet was going to be a vehicle for sex and guitar construction.