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It’s okay that you can’t read: Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers

This is a huge collection of Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers by Joey Spiotto. They span across some of our favorite TV shows, movies, music and video games and are just delightful. The subtle attention to detail in some of these covers is just amazing. Good news for all of us who no reed goode, they’rejust covers! So no reading needed! Enjoy! Check out more of these amazing covers here.

Cereal Killers: Breakfast Cereals Re-Imagined With Horror Movie Characters

This is a series (or serial if you will) is by artist Kate Willaert which features classic horror movie characters re-imagined as classic General Mills cereal mascots. The characters on the box really capture the original cereal box art but the catch phrases are what makes these awesome. I only wish I could buy these, unfortunately the cereal is as fake as the horror mascots on the boxes. Except the Jason, everyone knows that totally based on a true story. Enjoy!

Before They Were Famous: Halloween Edition!

Thanks to the awesomeness of Screen Junkies we have a video to post on the eve of Halloween that is actually Halloween themed! Hooray! So sit back and enjoy this video of actors before they were famous in spooky and scary Halloween movies! Oh and if someone gives you a razor blade in an apple this Halloween, just pretend to eat it so you don’t hurt their feelings . They worked really hard to attempt to murder you and I think the devastation of failing at taking someone’s life could send them into a pretty depressing spiral. Attempted murderers have feelings too people! Enjoy the video and Happy Halloween!

R.I.P. Wes Craven

Here are two quick things about me: I one time recorded a baseball game without the written consent of Major League Baseball. I am very scared of horror movies and avoid them at all costs. The first confession was just something I wanted to get off my chest (do your worst MLB!). However, the second confession is fitting with the passing of horror film legend Wes Craven. For you see, what I said is true, I am very scared of horror movies. Not so much while I’m watching them but afterwards when I am alone with my thoughts. I got a wild imagination and unfortunately it is not always used for good, like imagining I am on a date with Kelly Kapowski in the early 90s or that my parents actually love me… But I digress. While I avoid horror movies like the plague or eating healthy, I still have seen a number of Wes Craven’s films. In fact, Wes Craven films probably account for about 80% of the horror movies I have seen (some …