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Awkward Cartoon Moments Pt. 2

The original Awkward Cartoon Moments post we did was way back in 2013, which coincidentally was the last time I saw a girl naked. “Ben, was it really 2013 the last time you saw a girl naked? Or was it never?” You are right, it was never. I’ve never seen a girl naked. Well this is awkward…much like these cartoon photos, Enjoy!   Fairly Odd Parents I never saw this show but seeing this I am interested….very interested.   Donald Duck Every goddamn morning.   Pokemon? (Not sure what show this is) WOW! Now I know why so many guys I knew were into this show.   Naruto Maybe I shouldn’t include anymore Anime on this list. I feel like this stuff is intentional.   That’s it! I’m done with Anime! What the fuck?   Arthur He was told if he plays with it, it might go off.   Superman I would expect nothing less from the man of steel.   Spider-Man Proof that Dr. Doom sucks.