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5 Arcade Machines From The 90s You TOTALLY Forget About

Gone are the days of saving up as many quarters as possible and heading over to the arcades with your best buds. I miss the loud noises, camaraderie and sugary snacks that the Arcade brought with it. Now-a-days arcades and arcade machines are few and far between thanks to personal gaming consoles. When consoles like the N64 and PlayStation up’d their game, there wasn’t much need to leave the house anymore to play the big bulky machines. But, for a time it was the ultimate gaming experience. Let’s see how many of these classic arcade machines you guys remember??? VIRTUA FIGHTER   CRAZY TAXI   CRUIS’N WORLD   TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY   SUNSET RIDERS

Where did all my quarters go? WWF WrestleFest

Among nostalgic wrestling fans and arcaders alike from the 90s, merely saying “WrestleFest” brings back epic gaming memories. WWF WrestleFest was the 1991 follow up to the smash hit arcade machine WWF Superstars which was groundbreaking in itself. The game was beyond developed for it’s time (as compared to console/PC wrestling games) with enhanced graphics, game-play and sound including voice samples, commentary and introductions. The graphics were bright and cartoony but were fun. You had two modes which was a tag tournament or the Royal Rumble. I can remember many arcade hangs in which me and a buddy would do our best to defeat The Legion of Doom for the WWF Tag Team Championship. After years of nostalgia, THQ released a 2013 remake for IOS. The game tried to capture some of the magic with a new/old roster but it’s hard to truly do justice to the big giant machine that ate all my quarters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game

Shell Shocked! The TMNT arcade game was hands down my favourite arcade game of all time! Was it because it was the ninja turtles? Was it because it had better game play then any other game before it? Well maybe, but in reality it was mostly because of the live action April O’Neil on the side of the game. Oh, hey there April. I noticed you brought your own camera. That’s good, cause I got a Channel 6 exclusive for you…in my pants.

Was The Simpsons Arcade the best of all?

Perhaps hundreds of dollars in quarters from my brothers and I were spent on this single arcade game. It was as good as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade only set in the cartoon world of The Simpsons. ScrewAttack placed the game as the #1 best cartoon-based game of all time – and for good reason. The gameplay was smooth and the characters were cool. Marge would swing a vacuum cleaner, Bart had his skateboard, List whipped a jump rope and Homer… well he punched and kicked. Interesting note: KONAMI – the creators of the arcade game – also made Aliens the arcade game. Several of those machines revealed that the Alien was simply Marge Simpson wearing a costume. While this might rank as the best among many and it is one of my favorites, my number one has to go to WWF WrestleFest…but that’s a writeup for another day.

He’s On FIRE! NBA JAM Cheat Codes

NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition by Midway were among my favourite arcade games not just as a kid, but of all time! And apparently I’m not the only one who feels the same way. The original arcade release generated revenue of $1 billion in quarters. Boomshakalaka! Tournament Edition was the best one to own and play for the Sega Genesis or SNES. Along with the extra players per team and more catch phrases from Tim Kitzrow, the game offered a plethora of cheats including celebrity players. To Unlock Secret Players: Enter one of the following initials one letter at a time, where “_” indicates a space. Each letter must be activated by pressing Start and the corresponding button in the code column. Bill Clinton: Initials – CIC, Code – AXB Prince Charles: Initials – ROY, Code – BAX Heavy D: Initials – HVY, Code – AXB Fresh Prince: Initials – WIL, Code – YBX He’s heating up!