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Copyright Infringement?: Blink 182 Recreates Blink 182 Video

What do you do when you make one of the most iconic music videos of all time but nearly 20 years later no one has honored that video by making a parody? Well, if you are Blink 182, you do it your goddamn self! That’s right, gone are the days of poking fun at boy bands, now it’s time to take on the ultimate challenge…themselves. Now some people will say that Blink is simply re-hashing old Nostalgic feeling to put themselves in the conversation again even though their best music may be behind them. To that I simply say…you are kinda right but shut the fuck up. Okay, back to the fun stuff! Enjoy the video.   and for those who want to compare, here is a comparison video.

My First Ever CD Purchase: Enema of the State

I was a late bloomer in terms of music. Well actually, I was a late bloomer in regards to lots of things, not the least of which was sex, but that’s not the point of this article. While my fellow classmates were listening to music and watching music videos on MTV in public school, I wasn’t. I had zero interest in music. I didn’t know any artists or songs off the top of my head and could not understand the appeal of music videos. All this changed – for reasons unknown – once high school started. Maybe it was a subconscious need to fit in, or maybe just a natural evolution toward normalcy. Whatever the case, once I started listening to music, I did not stop. Today, music is a huge part of my life. I have over a hundred bands and artists on my iPhone and I listen to every one of them regularly. The first CD I ever purchased was Blink 182’s multi platinum selling breakthrough record “Enema of the State.” At the …