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It’s okay that you can’t read: Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers

This is a huge collection of Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers by Joey Spiotto. They span across some of our favorite TV shows, movies, music and video games and are just delightful. The subtle attention to detail in some of these covers is just amazing. Good news for all of us who no reed goode, they’rejust covers! So no reading needed! Enjoy! Check out more of these amazing covers here.

I see what you did there: Unmasked Icons

This is a series of photos on Facebook by Design Overall titled UNMASKED ICONS with illustrations by Alex Solis. I once unmasked someone and exposed them to the world….well, I actually just ripped the sunglasses off a guy who had extreme sensitivity to light. He was pretty mad at me but in my defense, I thought he was a super-villain. I mean, he was covering his face and had this inhaler so he clearly was looking to poison the city with some kind of toxic gas. He claimed it was for his asthma, but I wasn’t buying it. Props to my buddy Jon for pointing these pictures out to me. Enjoy!

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul was on the Price is Right

If you don’t watch Breaking Bad, well first off, what’s wrong with you? It’s awesome! I mean you don’t even know! Gotta move that crystal bitch! Anyway, if you don’t, Aaron Paul is an actor on that show, he plays Jesse Pinkman. He also had a small cameo in Van Wilder as the guy who tells Van’s dad that he can find Van in the Guinness Book of World Records under “raddest fucking dude alive!” or something to that effect. So, Aaron was on Leno talking about this Price is Right experience. Apparently he and his buddies used to go often and he gives tips on how to get picked for the show. He also says that during the airing of the episode a commercial ran that he was in. It’s a really fun interview. I won’t spoil anything, but Aaron seems to be channeling the role of Jesse Pinkman some 10-12 years before he even got the part. It’s for sure worth a watch if for no other reason then to see an 80 …