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I wanted a Power Wheels so bad!

Let’s be honest, any kid who had a Power Wheels Jeep or even the Power Wheels Barbie Car was king shit! Power Wheels was a brand of battery-powered cars for kids. They were realistic, some had real working FM radios, opening/closing doors & hoods and ran forward and backward. What 5 year old had their own car? Well, the ones whose parents really loved them…or had money to afford a Power Wheels. I like in the advertisements they have to say “parents assemble them easily”, which means they were a pain in the ass to put together.

Driving Around in My (non) Authentic Cop Cruiser

I was a spoiled child. Tremendously lucky and grateful. But spoiled. As a Christmas gift one year when I was about 9 or 10, I received a battery powered police mobile. This thing was rad. I was a bad ass kid cruising around in my police mobile. Everyone in the neighbourhood was in awe of me. Everyone wanted to be friends with me so they could drive around in my hot new ride. I was popular as…. Ok I was still a loser. But at least I had a sweet car. Did you?

My First Car: Fisher-Price Car

Although I never owned one myself, I spent hours upon hours riding around in one of these bad boys. Based on Flintstone technology (ya know, just pushing your feet along the ground to move a car) this car was the most fun you could have in a toy car…unless that car was a Power Wheel…those were much, much better.