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Before They Were Famous: Halloween Edition!

Thanks to the awesomeness of Screen Junkies we have a video to post on the eve of Halloween that is actually Halloween themed! Hooray! So sit back and enjoy this video of actors before they were famous in spooky and scary Halloween movies! Oh and if someone gives you a razor blade in an apple this Halloween, just pretend to eat it so you don’t hurt their feelings . They worked really hard to attempt to murder you and I think the devastation of failing at taking someone’s life could send them into a pretty depressing spiral. Attempted murderers have feelings too people! Enjoy the video and Happy Halloween!

THROWBACK THURSDAY – Ghost by Michael Jackson

Because we will undoubtedly make reference to Thriller this month on The Nostalgia Blog, it seemed appropriate to throwback to the less popular short Halloween-like film Michael Jackson released entitled “Ghosts.” In 1997, The King of Pop┬áreleased a short film/music video that was co-written by horror writer Stephen King. In it Jackson plays a scary Maestro with supernatural powers who is being forced out of his small town by its mayor. Jackson also plays the mayor and 3 other characters…props for doing a decent job. I fondly remember the 3D graphics including Jackson breaking his skeleton-skull. The 30+ minute film was shortened for music video release (song also called Ghosts), which you can watch below…  

Ben & Jerry’s Horror Movie Themed Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…cause it’s inspired by horror movies and that is scary. This is a series of fictional Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors based on famous horror movies and characters. Created by John Squires and artist Frank Browning for Freddyinspace, these ice cream names are almost as scary as trying to eat ice cream beside someone who is lactose intolerant. I know you can’t eat ice cream Ted but why won’t you just let the rest of us enjoy our lives! Enjoy the pictures.