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Teens React to Windows 95

Here is another installment of Teens React/Kids React to stuff we all grew up with. The point of these videos are to usually to make us all feel old or to make kids today look spoiled and dumb. Or maybe it’s just harmless fun. Either way, the real shame is that these poor kids didn’t get to learn about Windows 95 from FRIENDS stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston…although these kids probably have no idea who they are or what that show was… Also, for those of you who are starting to feel old, try not to think about the fact that the 19 year old in this video was born 2 years after Windows 95 came out… Enjoy!

Jimmy Kimmel Airs New Episode of ‘FRIENDS’….Kind Of

It’s the FRIENDS cast reunion that we’ve all been waiting for!…if that reunion involves none of the male cast members. Jimmy Kimmel lived out most of our teenaged fantasies (more guys then girls probably) and got together with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to re-create some personal FRIENDS fan fiction. It’s a fun watch and a must watch for any FRIENDS fans. Enjoy.

Windows 95 with Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry

I remember a time when Windows 3.1 was the bee’s knees. That is until Windows 95 came out in…well 1995.  Anyone who had Windows 95 was beyond cool and we all know the cooler you are, the more Friends you have…see what I did there. This single photo sums the 90’s almost perfectly. Windows 95. A VHS tape. And the TV show Friends. If anyone was ever in a coma for a decade and woke up in the year 2000 and asked “What was the 90’s like?”, you would present that person with a copy of this…   The above video was a cut-down version of the full 60minute VHS tape. If you feel yourself so bored with nothing else to do, then by all means read the rest of the posts in our Nostalgia Blog archive. And if (and only if) you’ve read everything, then you can watch the full length video…  

Does anyone remember Ferris Bueller the TV series?

I doubt many of you will remember the short lived Ferris Bueller TV series, truthfully I don’t remember it. It premiered in 1990 on NBC and is  just one of the many cases of network TV trying to feed off the success of a once popular film. In most cases they fall short of expectations. But in this case…it falls short of expectations.  It only lasted one season and was panned by critics and fans alike. Interesting though, it co-starred a relatively unknown young actress at the time named Jennifer Aniston. Look for her in this clip from the first episode.