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I see what you did there: Unmasked Icons

This is a series of photos on Facebook by Design Overall titled UNMASKED ICONS with illustrations by Alex Solis. I once unmasked someone and exposed them to the world….well, I actually just ripped the sunglasses off a guy who had extreme sensitivity to light. He was pretty mad at me but in my defense, I thought he was a super-villain. I mean, he was covering his face and had this inhaler so he clearly was looking to poison the city with some kind of toxic gas. He claimed it was for his asthma, but I wasn’t buying it. Props to my buddy Jon for pointing these pictures out to me. Enjoy! Advertisements

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

It’s hard to believe that a movie this inventive (that has truly yet to be duplicated) came out in 1988. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a half toon, half live action film that killed it at the box office. The film grossed over 325 million dollars and in 1988 that was a lot for a movie. The plot centered around a toon hating detective as he tries to prove the innocence of an annoying cartoon rabbit who is accused of murder. Watching the trailer will bring back some major nostalgia. The two things I vividly remember from this film was 1. How hot Jessica Rabbit was…. And 2. How scared I was of Christopher Lloyd’s character, the evil Judge Doom. I was a little traumatized when he was crushed by the steamroller…what a way to go.