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Genius: Lowcost Cosplay of Characters

This is Anucha “Cha” Saengchart and his low cost cosplay outfits. He features most of his fantastic work on his facebook page called Lowcostsosplay. If this guy ever showed up to my house on Halloween, I would not only give him all the candy I had but also write him a personal cheque for $1,000 (cheque not payable until 2022). Enjoy the pictures!  

Back to the Future with 2015 Clips Inserted

This is a quick little clip of two scenes from Back to the Future II re-cut to include some 2015 relevancy. Some times I wish I could re-cut movie scenes and put them up on the internet for all to enjoy, but that would really cut into my cheese eating time and I just can’t sacrifice that. Speaking of which, now is as Gouda time as any to eat this Camembert! (I make cheese puns now) Enjoy the clip!

Cause why not?: 90s Toy Tamagotchi Gets Jurassic Park Treatment

Remember Tamagotchi? Remember all those great lines from Jurassic Park? Okay good, your old age hasn’t affected your memory yet. Now imagine a world where someone has taken those iconic Jurassic Park lines and put them in a spoof staring 90s toy fad Tamagotchi! What’s that? You lost your ability to imagine things when you lost your childhood? Well that is very sad. However, you are in luck because thanks to the internet you won’t have to imagine it…because it exists…ya know…on the internet. Thanks to YouTube artists/bloggers/ah…bbq spokespeople? (Look, I don’t know what else these people do) mikeNgary we can see what it would be like if Jurassic Park and Tamagotchi got together and made a movie. In fact I think it might look a little like this…