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Oh It happened: Barbara Walters Interviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

On Oscar night 1991 two very surprising things happened. First, Dances with Wolves beat Goodfellas for the Best Picture award and second,  Barbara Walters had an interview with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I still say Goodfellas losing was the stranger of the two. Right out of the gate this interview is pretty weird, I mean it’s Barbara Walters and the Ninja Turtles, that’s just crazy. But some of the weirder parts include: – Donatello thrusting toward Barbara after kissing her hand. – Barbara Walters not knowing how to give a “low five” to Raphael. – The claim that the Oscars were prejudice against “green people” and that’s why the turtles weren’t nominated for an Oscar. This was definitely not supposed to be a social commentary on the Oscars but at this point in history only one black actor had won a lead actor Oscar. Whoopie Goldberg would win best supporting actress on the night this aired. – Donatello giving Barbara “bedroom eyes” right before Barbara reminded the turtles that they never knew their parents …

Oscars ’76: Watch Steven Spielberg watch himself get snubbed

Back in 1976, Steven Spielberg made a little movie called JAWS. Years later it would be regarded as the first true Summer Blockbuster and Spielberg himself was seen as pulling off one of the greatest directing achievements ever. Despite the fact that the robotic shark didn’t work for about, oh, let’s say 90% of filming? Spielberg still managed to fill the film with intensity and moments of sheer terror. After pulling off this amazing achievement, Spielberg decided it would be a great idea to film his reaction to the Oscar nominations that year…. This Oscar snub video is still 100 times better than A.I.