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Recess, Time for Mini Stick Hockey

Public school ruled. It was easy. It didn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things. I had no responsibilities. AND, best of all, recesses were filled with awesome activities that everyone participated in. Red ass, basketball, wall ball, lava tag and mini stick hockey. There was a time when no one could escape the wrath of students playing mini stick hockey. It was huge. I miss those times. Did you play mini stick hockey during your recess time? Get at us!

I Should Have Participated in the Armstrong Cheese Fundraising Campaign

I love cheese. If you have even a remote ounce of taste at all, you should too. Cheese saves lives. Back in public school, way back, the Armstrong Cheese fundraiser campaign took place every year. Willing participants would be able to sign up to try to sell cheese to friends and family. I never partook. WHY? Why the hell did I never participate? Because of that, I did not experience the decadence of Armstrong cheese until a couple of years ago. Armstrong old cheddar is my favourite damn type of cheese, and I deprived myself of its excellence for years by not participating in their fundraising campaign. Eat Armstrong cheese!

Hours of Time Wasted Booking Extreme Warfare Revenge

Only three people who read this post will have any earthly idea what I am talking about in reference to Extreme Warfare Revenge, but that is good enough for me. EWR was a wrestling simulator created by a wrestling nerd named Adam Ryland. In the game, you were in charge of creating and managing a roster of wrestlers and booking television shows and pay per view events to try to make money. It was your job to book the TV shows and create storylines that the “audience” would rate. Your goal was essentially to make money and stay in business by booking the best show possible. Throughout the gameplay you would often have to listen to wrestlers’ special requests and offer some raises to stay with your promotion when their contracts expired. Sometimes wrestlers would get such low morale that you had to release them or hire friends of theirs to please them and ease their unhappiness. Sometimes you would experience an off night and your show rating would be terrible. You also had to maintain interest in …

I Ate Jack Links Beef Sticks Almost Daily

. When I was in high school, I would venture down to the Mac’s store daily on my lunch break and buy one of these things. Then, when I worked at Tim Horton’s right beside the Mac’s store, I would wander over on my break and buy one almost every day. I must have dropped a few bills at least on these things over those years. Now, the price is ridiculous so I only buy one occasionally – when I’m depressed or have a hankering for some meat. My favourite flavor is ‘peppered.’ What’s yours?

I wish my mom was this cool

This is a series of lunches from mother Heather Sitarzewski, who makes her son a different (predominately cartoon) character bento box every day (often with unusual food combinations). My mom would always just give me lunch money, which in turn would get stolen. Fuck you Tommy!…you know what Fuck you Mom! Where was the effort?