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Soda Licious = So Delicious

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who misses the pop flavored gummies known as Soda Licious. These 90s Betty Crocker fruit snacks have been discontinued for a while now which makes it hard to find much information on them but here’s what I know… 1. They were awesome. 2. They were shaped like bottles of soda and came in different flavors like root beer, cola, cream soda, and 7up. 3. Every kid would eat the bottle cap off the gummy first before gorging on the rest of the bottle. 4. If you had the mug of root beer, you held the gummy by it’s handle 5. They were so-delicious The commercial was also a piece of tasty nostalgia… Since the candy is no longer around, I call dibbs on the name. I’m going to use it for my podcast where I review soda pops.

90s foods that don’t exsist anymore

It was the 90s that I developed my obsession for sugary snacks and junk food. While I try to eat healthier today, I still reward myself when I feel deserving…or just really need something sweet. But I can’t help but reminisce about those sweet and salty treats from my youth that are no longer available. (Unless you purchase an old can or bag on Ebay) Here are some of my personal favorites that I wish were still around today…. Crispy M&M’s Slightly larger than their milk chocolate counterpart, crispy M&M’s were released in 1999. While they are still available in Europe and parts of Asia, they were discontinued in North America in 2005.   Butterfinger BB’s Butterfinger was one of my favorite candy bars, even though it would aggressively stick to my teeth and the tops of my gums. It seemed like it had much more complex flavors compared to most chocolate bars. So naturally I was excited when the B&B’s were announced. They would be like Maltesers only 10x better. Unfortunately Bart Simpson sold …

If You Didn’t Like Teddy Grahams…

If you did not love Teddy Grahams when you were younger, then I’m unsure what exact ailment you had. These things were boss. I actually got mad when I opened up my lunch and Teddy Grahams were not there. Were there any snacks you just had to have in your lunches? Any foods that made you angry when they were missing? Hit us up!