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Throwback Thursdays! “The Hell Song” by Sum 41

This week’s Throwback Thursday may not be for everyone, but you know what they say “you can’t please everyone all the time”. They also say “sir, could you kindly stop drinking from the toilet, this is a family restaurant”. The last one might be more specific to me… Anywho, this week’s Throwback Thursday is a fun little ditty titled ‘The Hell Song’ by those lovable Canadian Rockers Sum 41. The video is a concert with dolls and action figures and features cameos by Snoop Dogg, Eminem, The Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Gene Simmons, Spice Girls, N*SYNC, George Bush, Ludacris and of course Jesus as well as many more all in Doll form! The video seems like a fun a easy shoot likely done in a day, however it was 2003 so it still probably somehow cost a million dollars. Enjoy!

This Spice Girls Video is SOOOOO 90s

Let’s admit it, we at some point in time thought we were all superstars and filmed ourselves either lip-syncing or dancing to our favorite 90s band. These three girls did a very good job of Too Much by the Spice Girls. So good that we felt the need to showcase it here. Notice the crushed velvet and Old Navy.

Why did I recycle!!!: Old Pop Cans Worth Big $$$

While the picture above is not the actual can I own, I do still have in my possession a 1992 Toronto Blue Jays Word Series Coke Can. Little did I know back in the day how valuable pop (or soda) cans could be in the future. The unopened cans are particularly valuable (especially if it is factory error), but like trying to keep an action figure in it’s original packaging, who can resist downing 24 cans of Pepsi in one sitting? It’s basically impossible. Had I resisted over the years, I could have made on mint on eBay selling these cans apparently. I mean think how much more Dr. Pepper I could have bought with $25,000! So, as dumb as it sounds, save your Twilight (or whatever terrible movie is on Coke cans these days) and World Cup 2014 Cans (unopened) because they could be worth something some day….and if they’re not? Hey, at least you’ll have 20 year old Coke to drink. It’s Win/Win!   Unopened Empty Coke Can (Factory Error): $25,000 Apparently there …

S Club 7 Reunited

Okay, this is actually old news. But it’s the first time I’m hearing of this, so I’m going to assume it’s the first time you’re hearing of this. Apparently S Club 7 is back together. Don’t remember S Club 7? S Club 7 was the British Pop group that was manufactured in 1998 by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. The group rose to fame through a BBC TV sitcom-like series (similar to the Monkies) which helped them sell over 10 million albums of cliche 90’s pop music. Girls liked them cause the guys were cute and music was bubble gum. Guys liked the show cause the girls were hot…and the guys were cute. The group disbanded in 2002, but have since returned in 2012. Not fully though, only 3 of the original members returned to form S Club 3. The best comment on YouTube for this video is…”They’re all fat now. Mind you, would still give Jo one ;)”. Good one. Some of the members have decided to try their fate at a singles …