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If only I had friends to talk to: Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator Badge

Nostalgia nerds rejoice because ThinkGeek just gave you the ultimate dork toy! That’s right, they have created this the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge with bluetooth and an internal microphone which allows users to answer and end calls with a push of the insignia. Now you can complain about how bad the new Star Trek movies are with the touch of a button! The badge will be out in November and will retail for $80.

It’s about time: Fan Made Star Wars VS Star Trek Trailer

For years nerds have had epic hypothetical battles to the (figurative) death over which is better/who would win in a fight: Star Wars or Star Trek. The winner in this battle? Virginity! As it has remained untouched throughout this war. While we have no definite answer (ya know, cause neither of the worlds are real) but at least we have a sweet fan-made trailer for what it might look like if Star Wars and Star Trek decided to go to war against one another…

Childhood Heroes in Ancient Scrolls

These Hero-Glyphic photos were drawn artist John Lane and let me tell ya folks, they are pretty great. Not only do they look cool, they also scientifically prove that the Ninja Turtles and Star Trek pre-date the pyramids, so it should now be okay to watch old episodes in school instead of attending history class. You may ask “how do these drawings prove anything either scientifically or historically?” and to that I say, what do I look like? A teacher? If you want to buy some of these bad boys, they are for sale here.