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20 Years Ago: Forrest Gump was released…see what young Forrest and Jenny look like today

It was 20 years ago this week that Forrest Gump first hit theaters. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of Forrest (Tom Hanks) and Jenny (Robin Wright). But what about young Forrest and Jenny? Young Forest, played by Michael Conner Humphrey is now 29 and is in the Army. Young Jenny, played by Hanna Hall is 30 and continues to act in short films and appears in various TV shows like Criminal Minds.

Street Fighter Characters: Where are you now?

We here at the Nostalgia Blog (or TNB as no one calls it) have done a couple of these where are they now? pieces on both the blog and on our facebook page. However, we have not done one on fictional characters , which in most cases are even better than actors who play fictional characters. How are the better you ask? Well, um, for starters they don’t put restraining orders on you for continuously following them to their car. Jokes on you Ryan Seacrest, I didn’t want to be within 50 feet of you anyway…and binoculars are really powerful these days! My awesome hobby aside, today we visit with a few characters from one of our favourite games of all time: Street Fighter. As you can imagine, people who fought on the street for a living don’t seem to lead the most sunny and happy lives, but you can read more about that in each character’s bio. As for me, I think I see a certain celeb about to make a trip to Whole Foods, …

The Mighty Ducks: Where are they now?

So where are some of our favourite childhood characters…that played hockey…in a Disney movie? Nope, not dead (although I’m sure some wish they were). This article at Buzzfeed has figured out where most of them are and even what they are doing. So check it out! I’m off to practice my knuckle puck and to figure out how actor Scott Whyte could play Gunner Stahl (captain of Team Iceland)  in D2 then appear in D3 as Scott (on the Varsity Team) and no one said a goddamn thing!