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Kickin’ It Old School: Nintendo x Vans Retro Video Game Shoe Collection

Remember when Nintendo could only be found in video game form? Well not any more my friends! Later this summer Vans will be releasing their Nintendo x Vans Summer Shoe Collection (no price point on them yet). I’m a big fan of old school Nintendo and not tying shoes, so few of these are right up my alley. It will be like I’ 12 again! “You couldn’t tie your shoes at age 12? You could?! What are you? Some kind of child prodigy? Check out below for more shots of these sweet kicks.      

17 of the Best Nintendo Commercials Ever!

This video features commercials for: – Wireless Controller – Bart vs. The Space Mutants – Double Dragon II – Dr. Mario – Dragons Warrior – Iron Sword – Kirby’s Adventure – Metroid & Rad Racer – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – Rob the Robot – Nintendo Power – Super Mario 3 – Tetris – The Legend of Zelda – The Legend of Zelda other – The Legend of Zelda II – Yoshi To sum up, all the reasons you never talked to girls.