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The Claymation Craze

The cartoon has always been a dominate force in the annals of Prime-Time television. But by 1998 the powers that be felt it was time for a change in animation style sitcoms. After all The Simpsons had started their decent into mediocrity, Hank Hill was already running dry on propane and propane accessory puns, and the world had yet to be introduced to Seth MacFarlane.

Enter our old friend, Claymation. First popularized by the California Raisins and classic Christmas & Gumby specials, Claymation was about to be intertwined with the world of repetitive plot lines and cheap humour.

I for one welcomed these new Claymation series with open arms. It seemed most of the major networks signed on for at least one: MTV had its Celebrity Deathmatch, UPN had my personal favourite Gary and Mike, and FOX had Eddie Murphy’s PJS.

The shows however had a very short shelf life, and even lower ratings. Even though the PJS did last for 3 seasons and won 3 Emmy Awards, the world was not ready for such a drastic change to our animation. I guess it’s just like New Coke, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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