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GUTS! Nickelodeon Style

I LOVED this show. It was all the excitement of American Gladiators (something I am sure to do a post on later), except for two things:

1. There were no Gladiators…

2. It was kids competing.

I remember the crazy excitement as the show opened on the ‘Extreme Arena’ (which I am pretty sure was just some warehouse on the Universal lot). Then the contestants competed in Gladiator-like competitions (I also assume Gladiators played basketball and had wave pools back in the day. Right?) all leading up to the big one…

The Aggro Crag! What’s the Aggro Crag you say? Oh, just a 30 foot makeshift mountain with foam rocks falling on you while you tried to turn on lights on the way up. What’s that? This doesn’t any make sense? It didn’t have to; anyone who questioned The Aggro Crag didn’t have the GUTS to be on the show anyway!

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