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GoldenEye 64

You know it and love it. The best way for you and 3 of your buddies to spend a Friday night (because none of you have girlfriends). You know how the night goes: multiple bags of chips (Doritos are a must), a variety of pop (maybe a rainbow pack with root beer and multiple flavours of Crush – then mock the one guy who drinks grape), throw the game in and battle for bragging rights. As the night goes on and the sugar high kicks in from all the pop you drank maybe you get a little crazy and play slappers only. And that pretty much sums it up. Oh, and no one is allowed to be Oddjob because he’s too fucking short! Oh wait…Ben is playing? Okay, he can be Oddjob based on the fact that he is the worst Goldeneye player ever.

The magic of playing this game was captured brilliantly in this great live action interpretation of the game. Remember what a bitch Natalya was? Enjoy.

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