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Freakazoid! Best Cartoon Episode ever?

Freakazoid is one of the first cartoons (outside the Simpsons or any other prime time cartoon) to really take funny to a new intelligent level. I feel like Freakazoid, along with the Animaniacs (both produced by Warner Brothers and Steven Spielberg) started a new wave of children’s cartoons in which adults could watch along and get as much – and in some cases more – out of the cartoon as the children.

My case in point, this episode of Freakazoid entitled Candle Jack. Whenever I get on the topic of underrated TV shows, this show and particular episode always seems to be a point of reference for me. It single-handedly opened up a new world of comedy for me and made me realize cartoons aren’t always just for kids. So enjoy this episode of Freakazoid.


(Sorry, they took it off YouTube but this links still works. Enjoy!)


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