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The Origins of Mortal Kombat’s Toasty


It’s without question that the Mortal Kombat series for the SNES and SEGA GENSIS consoles were among the best video games of the 90s, PERIOD!  Its game-play, gore, and move-set were top notch for the era. It was also one of the best video games for “unlockables”: characters, finishers, friendships, mini games and general randomness.

In MK2 if you caught an opponent with the perfect uppercut you would get to see the “TOASTY” guy. As a kid I always thought he was saying “oopsy”, but that still didn’t stop me from uppercutting Player 2 to hell.

I always assumed that he was one of the creators of the game, but never knew for sure. Here’s a neat little video that tells the tail of “TOASTY” and how it came to be.

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