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Remembering how awkward your first Boy-Girl Dance was


I’m not sure the exact age when I attended my first Boy-Girl school dance, but I can remember how painfully awkward it was. The girls would stand on one side of the gymnasium and the boys on the other. Then, there would always be that one couple who would be dancing in the middle of the standoff. You know, that couple who would later marry in 10 years and never leave town.

It was painful. Most of us looked more at my feet than at any of the girls. It was exactly like the dance scene from Heavyweights:

As the awkwardness continues, there does come a moment for some when that one girl who you’ve befriended requests to slow-dance. Typically you won’t think much of it and even though your friends are snickering, you do dance with her. At this point you realize that she’s not infected with cooties like the rest of the girls, so it’s okay. What you don’t know is that she “likes” you. Like, “like likes” you. And of course as you get older you wonder how you were so bad at reading the opposite sex.

I guess that’s why I didn’t lose my virginity till I was 30….wait a minute, I’m only 25…..fuck.

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