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The Day That Music Died?… Hardly

woodstock 99 2

Woodstock 1999 was an enormous music festival generated to celebrate the best and upcoming artists in alternative and rock music. It was the second attempt at a revival of the original Woodstock in 1969. Several major bands took the stage, playing to over 200,000 fans during the 4 days.

Unfortunately violence, assault, fires and massive destruction are what most people symbolize with Woodstock 1999. Sure, some of these things happened, but Rage Against The Machine bassist Tom Morello accurately refelcts my opinions of the event here:

“Hey man, leave the kids alone. I’ve had enough of the frenzied demonization of young people surrounding Woodstock ’99. Yes, Woodstock was filled with predators: the degenerate idiots who assaulted those women, the greedy promoters who wrung every cent out of thirsty concertgoers, and last but not least the predator media that turned a blind eye to real violence and scapegoated the quarter of a million music fans at Woodstock ’99, the vast majority of whom had the time of their lives.”

For all those who claim this single event killed the music industry, get over yourselves. It was an amped up, chaotic music festival that embodied the exact nature of the music that was being played.

Here are some sick pics symbolizing the wickedness that was Woodstock 99:

woodstock 3

woodstock 4

woodstock 5

Woodstock 6

woodstock 7

woodstock 99<

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