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He’s On FIRE! NBA JAM Cheat Codes


NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition by Midway were among my favourite arcade games not just as a kid, but of all time! And apparently I’m not the only one who feels the same way. The original arcade release generated revenue of $1 billion in quarters. Boomshakalaka!

Tournament Edition was the best one to own and play for the Sega Genesis or SNES. Along with the extra players per team and more catch phrases from Tim Kitzrow, the game offered a plethora of cheats including celebrity players.

To Unlock Secret Players:
Enter one of the following initials one letter at a time, where “_” indicates a space. Each letter must be activated by pressing Start and the corresponding button in the code column.

Bill Clinton: Initials – CIC, Code – AXB

Prince Charles: Initials – ROY, Code – BAX

Heavy D: Initials – HVY, Code – AXB

Fresh Prince: Initials – WIL, Code – YBX

He’s heating up!

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