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Greatest Movie Soundtrack Of All Time (March Madness Style)

Last year, we here at The Nostalgia Blog did a little tournament in the honor of March Madness to decide what is in fact the greatest movie soundtrack of all time.

The tournament was broken down into 4 divisions (as seen above) that were: The 90s, Miscellaneous, Throwback and Musicals. The debate was fierce and the beers were flowing find out how it all went down. Check out all 3 episodes here and feel free to blast us on our no doubt awful decisions. Enjoy!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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  1. These are interesting choices. Personally, I think that everyone will not be able to agree to only a few movie soundtracks as the best because there are just several factors that affect one’s liking of the song – the lyrics, the melody, the movie and music itself is something very subjective. Anyway, basing on this list, I will say I do love the soundtracks from Moulin Rouge, Armageddon, The Sound of Music, Grease and Dirty Dancing.

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