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I Love Finding WISH CHIPS

I’m positive every one of you know the theory behind ‘wish chips.’ They are the chips that are folded over and remain in one piece. When one is lucky enough to pull out one of these masterpieces, they are required to make a wish. Anything you want to wish for. According to wish chip legend, your wish will come true…

BUT only if you follow the rules of the official wish chip Facebook page. Take a gander into the list. Is this how you treat your wish chips? It definitely isn’t how I deal with them. I just shove it in my mouth and make a silent wish in my head (always for money). What are your wishes when you are privileged enough to come across a wish chip? Get at us.!/notes/the-rules-of-wish-chips/the-rules/119751274705316

(I find these rules to be preposterous. But maybe that is why my endless wishes for money go unanswered. Maybe I should try THIS formula next time, huh?)

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