Month: March 2013

Scrumdiddlyumptious: Willy Wonka Remix by Pogo

Let me start off by saying Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was so much better than the 2005 Johnny Depp remake. Looking at it now as an adult, it definitely had some much darker elements to it. I still know people my age who get scared when the kids take the boat ride through the tunnel. This remix of “The Candy Man Can” is brought to you by POGO. Check out his stuff:

I Love Finding WISH CHIPS

I’m positive every one of you know the theory behind ‘wish chips.’ They are the chips that are folded over and remain in one piece. When one is lucky enough to pull out one of these masterpieces, they are required to make a wish. Anything you want to wish for. According to wish chip legend, your wish will come true… BUT only if you follow the rules of the official wish chip Facebook page. Take a gander into the list. Is this how you treat your wish chips? It definitely isn’t how I deal with them. I just shove it in my mouth and make a silent wish in my head (always for money). What are your wishes when you are privileged enough to come across a wish chip? Get at us.!/notes/the-rules-of-wish-chips/the-rules/119751274705316 (I find these rules to be preposterous. But maybe that is why my endless wishes for money go unanswered. Maybe I should try THIS formula next time, huh?)

The Rock-afire Explosion: A True Nostlagia Story

Recently I watched a documentary called The Rock-afire Explosion. In a nutshell this is a documentary about those animatronic performers you used to see at Chuck E. Cheese’s when you were a kid. What you find out is that these machines were all created by a man named Aaron Fechter to be the central attraction at a restaurant called ‘Showbiz Pizza Place,’ which eventually became Chuck E. Cheese’s. This documentary is in a lot of ways what epitomizes nostalgia. Childhood fans of The Rock-afire Explosion (now grown up) have dedicated their lives to accessing these robots and, in some cases, rebuilding the show in their own home and putting a modern spin on it seen here. The film is a reflection of people living out their childhood dreams but it left me wondering if they were truly happy or just trapped in a nostalgic state. If you have the time, it is an interesting movie. Here is the trailer to give you a little more insight.

Nintendo Power Hotline

I never called this hotline personally as I was a force to be reckoned with when it came to Nintendo and also my parents didn’t “believe” in phones and felt messenger pigeon was the ONLY way to communicate. Now you might say “Ben, if your parents didn’t believe in phones why on earth would they buy you a Nintendo?” Well to that I say, How dare you use my Christian name! And also, shut up. That said, if I ever did call this hotline I would definitely be blasting the song  “I live by the groove” by Paul Carrack and I think it would look a little something like this… …also in this scenario I am a girl and am dating Fred Savage…