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My Earliest Wrestling Memory


I have not been a wrestling fan as long as my fellow Nostalgia Blog writers Matthew or Ben but I am as big a fan as they are, or in Ben’s case, as he once was.

Being WrestleMania season – the most important time in the wrestling year – and seeing as I am attending this year’s show live and in person with none other than fellow Blog writer Matthew Manuge, wrestling has essentially consumed my mind lately. It led me to think about my very first wrestling related memory.

My very first memory of the WWF dates back to September of 1999. It involved the biggest star of the time in Stone Cold Steve Austin and the future dominant face of most of the 2000s in HHH. The segment that sticks out in my head and has left an indelible mark on my wrestling mind occurred on an episode of Smackdown. It involved Stone Cold Steve Austin, HHH and a rattlesnake. Stone Cold had just attacked HHH and left him locked inside a room with the venemous snake. I was instantly captivated by this segment and from that point forward I was a die hard wrestling fan. And an un-ashamed one at that!

Here is a video package of the build up to HHH and Stone Cold’s No Mercy 1999 match. The rattlesnake makes an appearance at the 2:46 mark.

What is your very first wrestling related memory? I myself am very curious to know. Now if you’ll excuse me Monday Night Raw starts soon and THE UNDERTAKER IS APPEARING AND BROCK LESNAR RESPONDS TO HHH’S CHALLENGE REGARDING WRESTLEMANI 29… I’m still a mark!


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