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My Childhood Crushes

I limited this list in two ways. The first was to pick girls I had crushes on when I was old enough to have crushes, but too young to really understand what that crush was. I’m talking the age where you just want to hold hands with a girl and should you kiss that girl, that would be the equivalent to having sex as an adult.  Keep in mind I still do feel kissing a girl is pretty much like having sex…that’s why I am saving both for marriage. It’s gonna be awesome!

But I digress. The second was to limit this list to just TV actresses as the music and movies I listened to and watched were no doubt largely cartoon based. But hey, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have crushes on cartoons as well. I’m looking at you Disney’s Ariel and Princes Jasmine. Sup?

So here is the list in no particular order. Gentleman, get ready for a blast from your childhood crush past. Ladies, take notes, you never know when it could be 1994 again.

Danielle Fishel

She was Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World. She started out as the weird girl in Corey’s class, then she got hot and all of a sudden didn’t have hippie parents anymore who she called by their first names. You know, that old story.


She was some pink kangaroo on Zoobilee Zoo who could play the piano. That said, she was still a childhood crush of mine. One time I went to the zoo and let me tell you, the kangaroos there were not as hot and could only play like 2 songs on the piano. I was WILDLY disappointed.

Larisa Oleynik

She was Alex Mack on The Secret World of Alex Mack. To my recollection, Alex Mack was hit by a chemical truck giving her super powers and making her hot.

Alyssa Milano

You would think my crush on Alyssa Milano would have started when she played Samantha (or Sam if you will) on Who’s the Boss? (the answer to who in fact was the boss is still unknown). But here is a curveball, my crush on Alyssa started in the made for TV movie Dance ‘Til Dawn. You have most likely never heard of it, but if you have you are probably uncontrollably fist pumping and yelling “YES!” right now. More to come on Dance ‘Til Dawn in the future.

Christine Lakin

She played Al (Alicia) Lambert on Step by Step. Al was a crush for me and a lot of other guys cause she was such a tomboy. She liked sports and was tougher than most guys. Remember when she threatened to beat up those boys you were messing with her nerdy step brother Mark? She was basically the perfect man…except she was a smoking hot girl.

Tiffani Thiessen


Kelly Mother F#&!$ Kapowski! Need I say more?


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