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Drew Carey Show Title Sequences

Fellow Writer Ben Gulka recently posted an article looking at the different Cosby Show openings and it got me thinking about one of my favourite comedies when I was younger: The Drew Carey Show. The program alternated between three intro videos throughout its 9 season run.

The first theme is called “Moon Over Parma,” which Drew Carey sings a snippit of during its run as the show’s theme. The original artist is Robert McGuire. The show used this theme during its opening season from 1995-1996 and again during some episodes from 2002-2004.

Next we have “Five O’Clock World.” by the Vogues. The Drew Carey Show would alternate usage of this theme with “Moon Over parma” during the same seasons.

And Finally the show would largely settle on its main theme song from 1997-2004, using “Cleaveland Rocks” by The Presidents of the United States of America.

So if you watched the show, which intro video was your favourite? And even if you didn’t, you can still pick. I loved the Five O’Clock world theme, but to me nothing beats the “Cleaveland Rocks” theme song. It’s pretty damn epic. And just for shits and giggles, here is a look at another video montage the show did to “Time Warp.”


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  1. 5 o’clock world was sung by alternate singers (other than the vogues) from time to time on the opening credits of the Drew Carey show. Does anyone know who those alternate singers were?

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