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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kirsten Dunst, and Kid from the Nanny on Jeopardy ’97

Here is a clip from way back in 1997 where some fresh faced teenaged actors by the names of Joseph “Joey” Gordon-Levitt, Kirsten Dunst and Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton from the Nanny) took to proving that actors are more than just pretty faces…or in this case, oddly shaped faces that you are somehow strangely attracted to.

And let me tell you they do not disappoint by killing it on the first question by simply staring at the board and saying absolutely nothing. Not to be outdone, on the second question, these three genius teen actors had a different approach. They still stared blankly at the board, but this time there was some awkward laughing because you know what, they are millionaires and they don’t need to answer your stupid questions, Alex.

On the third question, young Benjamin “we haven’t seen you in anything since the Nanny, so I hope you saved your money” Salisbury decided he couldn’t stand not talking for more than 30 seconds and guessed that the IRISH band that released their music on the internet back in ’97 was Pearl Jam. Ooooh. Good guess. Honestly though, who could have known that the band Alex was reffering to was U2? I mean, there were so many bands putting their music on the internet back in ’97, remember? Plus we all know Pearl Jam – one of the bands that started the Seattle Grunge scene – were probably from Ireland. Honest mistake.

With the score $0 to $0 to -$200, Joey Gordon-Levitt stepped up and finally got on the board! From there it’s a fun little back and forth between JGL and Benjamin.

Overall a cute little video, but I would say that my favourite part is that Kirsten Dunst says nothing for the entire 5 minute clip. This includes when Alex asked a question about the movie Interview with the vampire (a movie in which Dunst was just nominated for a Golden Globe) and Dunst doesn’t even attempt to venture an answer. You know why? Cause she is Kirsten “Mother F#cking” Dunst and she doesn’t need to be bothered with that shit! And also she had probably a 2nd grade education at the time.

Enjoy they clip!

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