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My Favourite Wrestler of All Time: Mick Foley

My favourite wrestling star of all time is Mick Foley. His promo work and hardcore abilities were leagues ahead of most others during his years as a professional wrestler. To add to this, he is a very smart and down to earth guy. And his books are fucking hilarious.

Mick Foley was embroiled in an excellent long term fued with HHH in early 2000. The two had an epic Street Fight match at the Royal Rumble and then followed that up with a Hell In A Cell encounter at No Way Out. These matches go down in my mind as two of the most exciting and well worked contests I have seen. Even to this day, 13 years later, they hold up as top 20 caliber matches I have ever witnessed. Mick Foley is credited by many wrestling pundits for helping HHH get over with the fans and reaching a superstar level because of their work together for these two months. The following clip illustrates Foley abandoning his Mankind persona in favour of the more feared and hardcore Cactus Jack character:

This video recaps the highlights of their Street Fight at the 2000 Royal Rumble:

Next is one of Mick Foley’s many legendary highlights; falling through the top of the Hell In A Cell structure and breaking the ring with his own body weight during his match with HHH at No Way Out 2000:

I loved watching Mick Foley entertain me every week. He retired a short 1 month after these classic matches and competed in what he thought would be his last match ever, finally realizing his dream of competing in the WrestleMania 16 main event. He would return several times for various matches with the likes of Edge, Randy Orton and Ric Flair, but he never wrestled the full time schedule that I wanted him to.

Still, to this day, no other wrestler has left a bigger mark on me as a wrestling fan than Mick Foley. He will forever go down as One of the greatest of all time. This year he takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Thank you Mick Foley for all the memories:

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