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Movies you could watch over and over and over…

You know the question where someone asks you “if you were trapped on a desert island and you could only bring one CD, what would that be?” Well I can never decide on that because

  1. My favorite album changes all the time
  2. I’m not entirely sure desert islands have CD players readily available…also people don’t really buy CDs anymore.

But what if I tweaked that question a little? I asked this to a few friends the past couple weeks and it always seems to spark a fun conversation. The question I have been asking is not what CD but what movie. I also have scrapped that whole desert island thing and simply ask them this:

What movie or movies do you think you could realistically watch once a month for the rest of your life?

While this question seemed pretty realistic to most people I asked I figured, let’s change it up a little more to make it even more feasible. So here is the question I ask you.

If you had to watch the same movie every 6 months for the rest of your life, what movie/movies could theoretically make this list?

For my first attempt at this list I am going to avoid comedies as I could easily make a top 5 based on simply comedies. I will also avoid putting Top Gun on this list as it is a no brainer as I could easily watch it once every 6 months and if I do the math I’m sure I am over that average already for my life.

So based on all of this, I guess I am saying in a way these are arguably 5 of the best movies ever made. So enjoy the list and feel free to make your own or share your thoughts on mine.

The Shawshank Redemption

Jurassic Park

Stand By Me

The Silence of the Lambs

Forrest Gump

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