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The More You Know…

We all remember these adds on NBC. They would usually air during TNBC on Saturday mornings and during other shows that had a large child audience. I applaud NBC for doing this, I mean maybe David Schwimmer telling us not to be bullies won’t stop us from being bullies, but maybe David Schimmer telling us not to be bullies, then putting a giant star followed by a rainbow and put to some thoughtful music will stop us!

Anywho, we all loved these adds and I am sure there are thousands of parodies of it, but my favorite parody has to be from the show Scrubs. So enjoy some of the real ones and one fake one.

David Schwimmer: Bullying


Helen Hunt: Domestic Violence


John Krasinski: Recycling


JD from Scrubs: Smothering Your Children


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