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Sonic the Hedgehog is GREATER Than Mario


Shown above is a graphic from the single greatest game ever made, for any console, of all time, ever. PERIOD. Sonic 2 was a benchmark in gaming. I would spend hours – literally my whole days – with my friend Dave trying to beat the game. Trying to get the most emeralds and rings. Trying different ways to beat the special stages. Trying to attain as many extra lives as possible. And we did. We were awesome. I do not believe I have ever spent more time on one specific activity in my entire life. Except maybe masturbating.

I know that overall Nintendo and its main protagonist Super Mario is regarded as a better system – and is far more popular considering the company still produces new consoles and games today – but I take issue with this. To me, Nintendo and Mario could not hold a piece of shit to Sonic and Sega Genesis. I tried my hand at the Mario series’ and other Nintendo games, but nothing gave me more pleasure than good old Sonic. Except maybe masturbating.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but I tend to gravitate more toward those individuals who prefer Sega and Sonic to Nintendo and Mario. For nostalgia’s sake, there is no comparison to me. I would love to know who agrees with me. I’ll take you out to the Emerald Hills or Chemical Plant and we can collect rings and kill fire spitting creatures together… Or you know, just talk about good old Sonic.

Oh the memories! Video games simply were not the same after the Sega Genesis. Not even close.

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