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Denis Leary: No Cure For Cancer

I remember vividly the first time I was introduced to comedy albums. I had never heard one before and probably didn’t really know they existed. From a young age I loved Saturday Night Live and watching stand up comedy on TV, but I had no idea that a lot of these stand up acts could be found in album form.

One day my family was visiting some friends out of town: The Fitzgeralds. The kids in the Fitzgerald family were a few years older than the kids in my family, but we always got along great. My sister, brother and I always looked up to them and thought they were the coolest. How cool? So cool they didn’t even have to be there to impress me. On this particular night the Fitzgerald kids were all out, so to kill time until they got back a few hours later I was told to go listen to some of the boys’ CDs and play some video games. So I did.

One of the albums already in the CD player was Denis Leary: No Cure For Cancer. I noticed there was a song called Asshole on it. So naturally as any 6th grader would do, I checked it out. And HOLY SHIT! I was blown away by the swearing and hilarity. I listened to the whole album start to finish (with headphones of course so no one could hear the awesomeness of foul language I was listening to). I could not stop laughing. Although it wouldn’t be until some years later that I would get all the jokes.

A lot of people tell me I have a great sense of humour and I tell them to eat shit, because I don’t need their praise. WHAT! WHAT! High Five! But for real this album was the moment I got into “adult humour” and never turned back.

So thank you Denis Leary and Thank you Fitzgerald family! You still are the funniest and coolest family I know.

skip to about the 5min mark to see the stand up.

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