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Do You Feel the Need for GREED!


Greed 2

I am a huge game show fan. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Price is Right and the original Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis Philbin are among my most viewed. But none had me as captured as Greed.

Hosted by the legendary Chuck Woolery, Greed offered competitors a chance at 2.2 Million dollars. I won’t run down the rules, but I will let you view this clip that illustrates how my favourite team made it all the way to the end:

Glued to the television I was when this was airing. It’s a shame it only ran for 1 season on Fox. Note the frizzy haired guy in the clip. He was my favourite game show contestant of all time. Curtis Warren. Here is a picture of him with his wife after winning Greed’s ‘Million Dollar Moment’ in 2000 and at the time claiming the title as the largest winner in game show history:

Greed 3

No game show has ever come close to providing me with as much excitement as Greed. Everything about the show was awesome: The host, the set, the players and especially the theme song. Who didn’t like that theme song?

Did you feel the need for Greed? Do you watch game shows? If so, which ones? Get at us!


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