Month: May 2013

Do you know what time it is?… Time for a Penny cartoon!

Penny was a claymation blonde girl with pennies for eyes who first appeared on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. She would describe situations in her life and daily activities which would be animated for all to see. On the show she was often introduced by Clockey , Penny would later reappear on a series of public service commercials. In total there were 37 Penny cartoons featured on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

Yak Bak… Remember?

. I had one of these things. I remember specifically back in early 2000 after Mick Foley wrestled in his first and only WrestleMania main event, my Yak Bak happened to record his post match comments. They were as follows: “It’s the biggest night of my career. It’s the biggest year of the WWF.” My Yak Bak would NOT forget this recording. No matter how many times I tried to record over it or erase it, my Yak Bak just would not forget these words by Mick Foley. The fucking thing kept this recording until the end of its life. I must have heard Mick’s words about 50 times. Thanks to my Yak Bak. Uhhhh. Anyways. Bye.

Bill Cosby for NEW Coke (1985)

As Bill Cosby once told us (on The Simpsons): Jazz is like the NEW Coke, it will be around forever. Theo! Now before you Simpsons fans give me grief about misquoting your favourite show ever just know this: 1st. I didn’t actually put that statement in quotes and 2nd. I just had sex with your girlfriend. Oh yeah. And she did all that stuff she won’t do with you like eye contact followed by cuddling and breakfast. AND 3rdly. I’m sorry about all that stuff I said about your girlfriend, I didn’t actually do that. As a token of peacemaking here is Bill Cosby doing a commercial for NEW Coke in 1985. All better? NO?! How dare you! I’m actually gonna bang your girlfriend now! Consider her banged! Could you just do me a big solid and leave her number and address in the comments? Thanks buddy! Alright time to sex her up something sweet!