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The Making of ReBoot


ReBoot was a Canadian (yes Canadian) television series done entirely in computer animation. While the first season didn’t air until 1994, the foundation for the program began in the 1980’s. The idea had been largely devised in the 80’s but the technology was not there. 3D animation tests began in Vancouver in 1990 and ReBoot had achieved its detailed look by 1991.

The show was set within ‘Mainframe,’ the inner world of a computer system. This was written largely due to technological constraints as the fictional computer world allowed for blocky looking models and mechanical animation. Pretty smart on the creator’s part there.

After the first episode was completed in 1991, Fast Forward (ReBoot’s production company) began work on future episodes that eventually aired in 1994. The initial season took so long because this was the first 3D animation project of its scale at the time. The software used was new to all in the company.

ReBoot ran for 4 seasons and has since gained a cult following. In March 11, 2011 it was announced by Rainmaker CEO Warren Franklin that a reprise of ReBoot as a film is in the works.

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